November 25th, 2013


Carnations' Wake (10)

Rating: T
Word-count: 59530+ so far
Warnings: violence and strong language
Summary: The last thing a taciturn assassin expects to find in the lonely hills of rural Scotland is a coffin in the ruins of a castle, housing a sleeping knight. Nor does he expect that one good deed will throw his life into jeopardy, and that his fate will be intertwined in a 700 year-old tale of valor and redemption.
About: WIP; collaboration with scribblestorm

The story so far:
On a job nearly gone awry, Jude Macmillian, assassin for hire, comes upon Liam Blackwood, a young man who not only professes to know Jude (and inexplicably hint at more), but also claims to be a knight from 700 years ago. Unbeknownst to them, a nameless Organization has been operating in the shadows: its leaders believe Liam's awakening is the first sign heralding the coming resurrection of a disgraced King, and the end of the world as we know it. While Jude teaches Liam how to defend himself in the modern world, his brother Eric finds himself plagued by nightmares, and catches a glimpse down the rabbit hole...

chapter 10: "They don't ever tell you the second part of the legend: that it was foretold that when the Demon Knight rises from the dead, the Red King will follow not long after, to finish what he started. And then we'll all be buggered." [[ on fictionpress or AO3 ]]