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[fic] Futile Attempts

Disclaimer. Ai No Kusabi does not belong to me.

Summary: Sometimes attempts at denying are useless. IasonRiki.

Rating: Classical PG-13. 

Warning(s): Really old writing, odd syntax, introspection. 

Notes: I don't really know why I'm sharing this now. It's been on my other FFN account for a while (yes, the other Darrin), and it's much older than the publication date there indicates since I went crazy once in 2007 and decided to delete most of the fics written in the 2004-2006 era. Date-wise, this is my 2005 writing, and one of the few pieces from around this time that's actually still floating around the net. It's rather ...simplistic, but I still like it, and awakens a lot of good memories for me. So I guess this me holding on, in a way  ❤ -- and no, you don't really need to comment on this. . 

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