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icon is relatively appropriate.

Call it a pre-exam stress (tomorrow), or just being bored when suddenly faced with nothing but a month full of well, nothing. Other than worrying about grades (university lecturers need ages to determine whether you've passed or not). 

But I'm not really feeling happy, and this might seem trite, even over-dramatic, but I really miss writing. I just don't know why it's been so hard to write anything so far. Actually, I don't even try writing because I'm scared.

The best things I probably wrote this past half a year were the university assignments and the RPs I've been taking part in. Anything else is just a gorging bile of ever-growing crap. 

 My personal goal is to, therefore, to simplify and tell less. Once I get to writing, that is. I think I already sound much less formal in general writing than I used to say, four years ago.

You know, I think I just need a) a stick and b) someone to beat up me with it. 

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