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not a rec - just very mixed, mixed feelings

I've been feeling somewhat under the weather lately - I do have a legitimate reason.

But, because I want to keep all ugly RL stuff out this journal, I'll refrain from talking about this. Also, I'm going to Poland tomorrow and will be there until Friday/Saturday - so, I won't be around for a while. 

It'd be nice if you'd comment this time around - I'd like to know that people still bother reading this journal. 

So, when I feel down, I read yaoi - never bothered to make a huge secret out if either. 

I usually avoid anything that is lower-rated than 5 stars - not because I'm elitist (I usually am), but even the stuff that is top-rated is utter, complete garbage at points.

Paraphrase is a very bizarre collection of short stories. Not sure whether the term "stories" can be applied here because, while they are a tad bit more in-depth than your usual "I like  you, let's screw" scenario, they lack the feeling of completeness that a Yoneda Kou could give you or the realism of Miyamoto Kano. 

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[rec post] Saraiya Goyou

This is another of these obligatory “Hedo-chan has been watching obscure anime and has to tell everyone about it “ posts. But, in this case, I really feel like making a point out of it. Long and a bit pic-heavy, so don't click unless you're curious? Also, typo alert. I'm too tired to bother editing. 

And yes, the icon has to do with this anime (features Yaichi). 

Because Saraiya Goyou is seriously underrated and should deserve more recognition – in fact, I'd say it's a hidden gem. A gem I'm really glad I managed to stumble across because it has the potential to become one of my favourites.

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Pretty much the only AMV I found XD. Should I be amused it focuses on Masa/Yaichi?

the (genius?) brainchild of mentally deranged person

So, um. I have a twitter. And yes, I post on it a lot. Sometimes, I go insane and post (morally questionable) "literature". Anyhow, combine laziness, the sheer pleasure of being home all alone and the desire to  not study with TV Tropes. And you get this. 

Yes, it's TV Tropes/Wikipedia slash that starts off as Slap, Slap Kiss, Wall Sex and then ends up as fluff *coughs*. 

Warning(s): hastily typed up on Twitter. I did edit a bit, but the changes I made were minimal. Bad porn. Written in under an hour, so I don't make any excuses for quality. Also, I was in a LOLworthy mood when I wrote this. Public so everyone can see how insane I am. 

So only read if you appreciate dumbness?
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