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of bad sleeping habits D:

It's past two am - and I'm so tired I might drop dead - and yet I'm still here.

(Can't you tell how wonderfully exhausted by the bad punctuation in the first sentence?).

So um, pic spam because I'm bored.  Actually, that's a lie: I can't sleep because I'm somewhat wistful. Sad too. 

Monster, Berserk (of the Guts/Casca, Guts/Griffith variety), one Hellsing and a bit of TRC. There might be spoilers, so consider yourself warned. 

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[ficlet] your pain, my thrill

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: Johann was the most beautiful, yet terrifying thing he had ever seen. Tenma/Johann. NC-17, dark. Non-erotic smut.

Notes: I didn't notice how utterly unoriginal this concept is till I saw this fic. So no, I did not plagiarise. It just happens to be an unfortunate coincidence that our concepts were similar (please read that person's fic as well and give it the love it deserves <3). Feedback is appreciated, concrit is loved but please don't be uncivil.

Warning(s): Non erotic smut, bland prose and Oscar Wilde references. Song lyrics being used as a title? Ah, there's one factual error regarding the Dorian Gray portrait - will be fixed once I can think of how to reword that paragraph.

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