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[fic] Arrhythmia

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, the manga would have ended pre-Shippuden.

Rating: PG, technically, but probably a PG-13 for strong language.

Warning(s): Not romance. Seriously, not romance. No fairytale ending.

Summary: “Claims to be asexual, never had a girlfriend, obsessed with cute blond lifelong male friend and hates said friend’s girlfriend with a passion,” Itachi listed off, looking thoughtful. “It’s quite a mystery. We may have to call a detective.”

Notes: An RP between me and Sarah/syrraki . I decided to share this because Sarah doesn't want to, but I feel it should -- it's more honest than a lot of Naruto and Sasuke fic out there. Originally, this was a spinoff fic to That DNA Thing, but it has a lot of elements from Wasteland too. In Wasteland, Naruto and Sasuke did end up together, though I always felt it was cheaply done, imo.

A huge, huge part of this is Sarah's work. She is a fantastic writer and this only flows so well because she edited it (so praise her, and not me!). What I did was plot this thing and write Sasuke (he was a lot nastier in the original RP, lol).

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This shows how much fail I am. This was supposed to be a list of my top five slash-orientated OTPs. How a list ended up to be a drabble! fest, I don't know. Ask my brain. 

The first two drabbles are vague and no names are mentioned, but if you know me and my preferences, then it shouldn't be *too* hard to guess who I'm talking about. Besides, the tags do offer a clue!

I was going to post pictures for each drabble, but I think that's kind of annoying? 

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Oh Clamp

So, I just caught up on the recent chapters of Tsubasa and xxxHolic - and the latter, is just fkfjkfjkfj and um, other awesome-worthy things XD. But yes, Clamp. No one does subtext as well as they do. This is um, not an intelligent post - just brain going fkjfkfjkfjfkfjkfjk over um, things.

Spoilers under Eljay-cut. Though if you have no idea what the series is about, it really doesn't matter? XD

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