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Megalo Box (spoiler free)

I am trying out something new with the layout: colour coordinated in order to match the Euphie icon. Way too much pink though. Let us see how long this lasts.

So I watched Megalo Box, which can essentially be described as a boxing anime set in a futurustic, Japanese-speaking country. It is a dystopian society with access to technology and a better living essentially limited to citizens -- anyone who's not just gets by, living in slums and surviving, somewhat. Synopsis here. It was also created to celebrate Ashita no Joe's 50th anniversary. No, you don't need to have watched that to like this show.

Joe is one of those non-citizens, a man who makes a living by fighting in the underground with gear that's essentially made up of junkyard scraps. His life changes though when he meets Yuri, the champion of the Megalo boxing ring. Wanting to prove that he is the real thing, he makes it his aim to enter the Megalo boxing tournament, no matter the obstacles.

I don't know what to say about this anime without sounding like an overzealous fangirl, but it's fantastic. The animation is beautiful, with homage paid to Ashita no Joe in wonderfully subtle ways. I like how the style harks back to anime of the 90s with the digital art being rendered so that it appears old (I don't want to say flawed or rugged, because the backgrounds are striking, the attention to detail, when it comes to facial expressions and pretty much everything else, perfect).

Animation alone would not draw me to this anime, though. I think what made this show for me was that it uses its 13 episode run to the utmost, telling a poignant and touching story of never giving up in order to live out your dreams. What is more, too, is that this anime shows rather than tells, using symbolism, clever little details and sparsely told backstory in order to flesh out its characters and plot.

The characters are another win for me. I ended up liking mostly everyone, because they all turned out to be very honourable in their own ways. Even the characters I thought shady at first turned out to have some sort of redeeming quality or at least motive that made you understand them better.

And the music? Judge for yourself.

I don't think this review will pull anyone in, but if you like stylish, tightly woven plots, then this might just be the show for you. 

some basic housekeeping + review of Saruyama サルヤマっ

As as my usual “procedere” before exams, I've been reading a bit of questionable “literature” again – in the form of sappy shoujo and even sappier yaoi. I don't really consider the material very good, but sometimes you do come across stuff that is, though not excellently mind-blowing in any shape or form, fun?

I'll just introduce a manga that really helped me relax. Mind you not really a rec because, while I enjoyed the series on a shallow note, I did have quite a few issues with it.

*Saruyama (サルヤマっ) by AKIRA Shouko [shoujo, romance, humour] 

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not a rec - just very mixed, mixed feelings

I've been feeling somewhat under the weather lately - I do have a legitimate reason.

But, because I want to keep all ugly RL stuff out this journal, I'll refrain from talking about this. Also, I'm going to Poland tomorrow and will be there until Friday/Saturday - so, I won't be around for a while. 

It'd be nice if you'd comment this time around - I'd like to know that people still bother reading this journal. 

So, when I feel down, I read yaoi - never bothered to make a huge secret out if either. 

I usually avoid anything that is lower-rated than 5 stars - not because I'm elitist (I usually am), but even the stuff that is top-rated is utter, complete garbage at points.

Paraphrase is a very bizarre collection of short stories. Not sure whether the term "stories" can be applied here because, while they are a tad bit more in-depth than your usual "I like  you, let's screw" scenario, they lack the feeling of completeness that a Yoneda Kou could give you or the realism of Miyamoto Kano. 

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[rec post] Saraiya Goyou

This is another of these obligatory “Hedo-chan has been watching obscure anime and has to tell everyone about it “ posts. But, in this case, I really feel like making a point out of it. Long and a bit pic-heavy, so don't click unless you're curious? Also, typo alert. I'm too tired to bother editing. 

And yes, the icon has to do with this anime (features Yaichi). 

Because Saraiya Goyou is seriously underrated and should deserve more recognition – in fact, I'd say it's a hidden gem. A gem I'm really glad I managed to stumble across because it has the potential to become one of my favourites.

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Pretty much the only AMV I found XD. Should I be amused it focuses on Masa/Yaichi?


This shows how much fail I am. This was supposed to be a list of my top five slash-orientated OTPs. How a list ended up to be a drabble! fest, I don't know. Ask my brain. 

The first two drabbles are vague and no names are mentioned, but if you know me and my preferences, then it shouldn't be *too* hard to guess who I'm talking about. Besides, the tags do offer a clue!

I was going to post pictures for each drabble, but I think that's kind of annoying? 

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a manga that is worth reading ...

There's been remarkable outrage regarding the soon to be closure of OneManga (to be exact: the manga reader is closing down, but the forum will remain up). No matter what your stance on scanlatons are, it is sad news to see the site go. For me, personally, it's the end of an era – which started with my entering university and, ironically, the end of the site marks the chapter of a new beginning for me too (I'll be graduating/will advance to being a PhD student soon who knows?). 

Regardless as to what will happen now, I'm not giving up on scanlations because I don't think they are illegal and I actually buy a lot of manga. If publishers insist on being dicks and cocks, then it's their problem.

Since manga readers are being threatened now, I have been spending time at my favourite site and took the time to read something that I'd been intrigued about, but never got around to finishing.

And that's REAL by Takehiko Inoue – who is famous for being the creator of Vagabond and Slam Dunk.

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